May 1, 2021

May the 1st Newsletter - Be With You

Our May Newsletter for your to enjoy as a blog! Meet Melissa our new service Manager!

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This is Skycomp's Monthly Newsletter. Each week we come out with new tutorial videos or IT related content. We ask our team what they think is the best of this month. (Scroll up to watch)

Team Member Highlight:

Meet someone from our team - We have an interesting and dynamic bunch of people, why not show them off a little?

We sat down with Melissa and asked her a few questions. You can read about what she said below or watch her great interview: Watch Here

So why Skycomp?

Honestly, my personal values align well to Skycomp’s core values and it felt like a great fit. I really resonate with Skycomp’s approach to customer service, and I love the culture. It’s very much a team environment and no one takes themselves too seriously. Even though I have only worked here for a little over three months, it feels like I’ve been here forever. (In the best way possible)

What do you like to do on your days off?

but my perfect day is spent outdoors surrounding by lots of friends and family, oh a cold pint or two. When I can travel, I love it… I have travelled all over the world and have been lucky enough to stand on the Great Wall of China, the top of the Eiffel Tower, Palatine Hill, and Mount St. Helene’s to name a few, but I have never lived anywhere but St. Catharines…

A Helpful Tech Tip:  

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Serge's Message: Lockdown 3.0 

What are we doingto keep out team sane and thriving?

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And Finally The Podcast - A Lot More To IT

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