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A YouTube Thumbnail reading: Phishing Emails and the Skycomp Logo

Why is it a good idea to send out internal phishing scam emails to test employees?

"I get enough emails already! I don't need Phishing Training..." Famous Last Words.

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A YouTube Thumbnail reading: Cyber Security with the Skycomp Logo

What can I do to be more cyber secure?

You can have all this great security... but you're data is as insecure as one vulnerability.

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A YouTube Thumbnail with the Excel and Skycomp Logo Reading: Episode 16 Locking and protecting Excel sheets.

Have I been using Excel Wrong this entire time?

Excel has many hidden features and shortcuts that most people have never used!

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A closeup of a Skycomp Pen and A Lenovo 700 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Does your Bluetooth device have a microphone built in?

Before hitting the buy now button. Know some Bluetooth Devices Don't have all the capabilities as others.

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A YouTube Thumbnail with a Hosted PBX Phone system and the Skycomp Logo: Reading Optimize your office

What is a Hosted PBX System? Is it better then 3CX?

You could be paying too much for your office phone system.

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A YouTube thumbnail reading: What Phone System is Right for me?

Why Would I Need to Change My Phone System?

Did you choose the right phone system for your office? Lots of cost saving options you might not know about.

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A think vision portable monitor closeup on the logo. Skycomp and Lenovo logos

Comparing the Three Best Portable Monitors as rated by Google

Working from home creates many challenges. Having a second monitor for your at home setup will change the way you work.

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A Lenovo product box with a Bluetooth speaker on the front.

Changing the Bluetooth Game: Lenovo 700 Are tiny speakers worth it?

Being on the phone and working from home has never been easier.

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A YouTube Thumbnail with

HOW TO: Setup a meeting and invite guests on Microsoft Teams

Be the Microsoft Teams Master in your Office.

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What is a UPS and Why do I need IT?

Do you have a plan for when the power goes out and your in the middle of backing up important files?

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Optimize Your Office - Episode 14 YouTube Thumbnail with Skull and Cross Bones on a Popup Ad. Computers with bar graphs in blues and whites.

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month - Am I Cyber Secure?

Is My Business Being Smart About Cyber Security?

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Want to Become a Microsoft Teams Master?

Have a Virtual Meeting Coming Up? Need to Impress Your Team with your Microsoft Teams Skills?

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