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A Day In The Life of a Help Desk Analyst at Skycomp Solutions

Katie gives us a behind the scenes look into her life as a Help Desk Analyst!

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Skycomp Charity Classic: In IT to win IT

Join us on September 8th at Thundering Waters Golf Club!

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Unlocking Success with Account Managers - Fireside Chat

In this fireside chat we are unveiling the secrets behind the Account Manager roles at Skycomp Solutions.

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Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra vs P360 Tiny

Let's take a closer look at the Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra and compare it to its smaller counterpart, the P360 Tiny.

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Own It: Responsibility to Results

The Power of Taking Responsibility as a Managed Service Provider

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Don’t Lose Your Data: Celebrate World Backup Day!

March 31st is World Backup Day! Be prepared against data loss and data theft.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Outlook Exploit - Critical Vulnerability CVE-2023-23397

On March 14th Microsoft highlighted that a critical vulnerability was found in Outlook. Here is what you need to know.

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Empowering Women in IT - Skycomp Solutions

It's International Women's Day! We are proud of the gender-diversity we have at Skycomp.

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Does Social Media Protect You From Frauds?

March is Fraud Prevention Month. Here's some red flags to watch out for on Social Media.

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Join our 2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament

We're back for another tournament!

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The Technical Side of the 2022 Canada Summer Games

It's been 6 months since the 2022 Canada Summer Games kicked off. Let's take a look back at the technical side of it.

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How To Boost Your Productivity at Work Using ChatGPT

ChatGPT has been all the hype lately... Let's learn how you can utilize this tool to your advantage at work!

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What is Web Hosting and How Does It Work?

Web hosting, domain names, DNS servers, HTML? Let's learn how all these things run your website!

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Skycomp’s 2022 Rewind

Let's take a look back on the eventful 2022 year we had.

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How To Create an Email Signature in Outlook

Let's take your email signature from basic to great with these tips!

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Printing Excel and Word Documents

Let's discuss different printing options you may need on an Excel sheet and Word documents

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How to use Microsoft Visio for Beginners

Need to learn how to use Microsoft Visio? Learn the basic tools to get yourself started!

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What is Office 365 Online Archiving?

Running out of space in your Outlook mailbox? Let's talk about Online Archiving!

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Wrapping Up Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Here's some tips to keep yourself protected online.

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Using Unsecured Networks Q&A with John Harte

We've got the answers to all your questions about using public Wi-Fi and unsecured networks.

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Skycomp golf ball on a tee in the grass

Skycomp Solutions Charity Golf Tournament Recap

Our First Charity Golf Tournament was a big success!

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Putting golf ball on tee in the grass

Skycomp Solutions First Charity Golf Tournament

Join us on September 23rd at Thundering Waters Golf Club!

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Canada Summer Games 2022 Week One Recap

Week One of the Games is a wrap! Let's look back on everything that has happened!

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Talking About Lenovo’s Ultrawide Monitors

We looked at 2 of the more popular wide monitors from Lenovo, the ThinkVision P40w and the T34w.

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Windows 10 vs 11 and is it Worth Upgrading?

Not sure if you should stick with Windows 10 or upgrade your computer to the new Windows 11? We got your answers!

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What You Need To Know About The Microsoft Office Follina Exploit

This exploit is running wild through Microsoft's diagnostic tool... Here's what you need to look out for.

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5 Compelling Reasons Why Your Company Needs an MSP

Thinking about investing in a Managed Service Provider? Look no further!

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Kourtney point to a new teams feature graphic

Presenting PowerPoints Like a Pro - New Microsoft Teams Features

Nervous for presenting in your Teams meeting? Don't be. We have all the tips on using presenter mode to its fullest!

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What Makes Skycomp Stand Out?

I'm glad you asked! This industry is SUPER competitive... But that's what strives us to go against the IT 'norms'.

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Fraud Prevention Month - How To Avoid Phishing Scams

The fraudsters have gone phishing. Let's identify what to look out for so you don't take the bait.

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Fraud Prevention Month - Cyber Security and Password Protection.

Fraud has been on the rise. Let's discuss some ways you can keep yourself protected.

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Here’s What We Know on Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience Platform(NCE)

Microsoft is transitioning fast, and we got you covered on everything you need to know right now.

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Sebastian sitting at computer with Microsoft Whiteboard open

Microsoft Teams Whiteboard Features

Looking for a way to collaborate with your team on the same document - virtually?

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The log4j Crisis of 2021

Explaining log4j and why it’s a big deal.

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Managed Services Niagara Region

Managed IT Services Niagara

Being involved in the community and passion for getting technology working and maintain it.

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Antivirus VS. Endpoint Detection and Response

Cyber Security is always evolving, hackers always finding new ways to attack your digital workspace.

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Person by a computer with a teams logo and solving technology in bold text with main title New Teams Features

New Microsoft Teams Presentation Features

Start presenting slideshows and documents like a professional newscaster with Microsoft Teams new features!

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Happy Halloween from The Skycomp Team!

Our first in-person family event in a long time!

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A cartoon drawing of a person on a headset with a shield with Title Managed IT Services Must Haves

What makes a Managed Service Provider “Good”?

Four business needs a Managed Service Provider should cover - and then some...

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keyboard, wrench and gear images with a title Who Really needs a managed service provider?

Who Needs a Managed Service Provider?

The Truth is MSPs aren’t a fit for everyone. Will it work for you?

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Skycomp Host on camera with AMD VS INTEL in large text - solving technology

AMD vs. Intel - Which Processor is Better?

Which processor reigns supreme? Real world tests prove the better business option.

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Picture of a globe with www dot. and Skycomp Solutions Logo

Website Hosting, Design, Domain Names – What’s the Difference?

Defining the terms for web services so you know who to call when your site goes down.

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The Global Supply Chain and Why its not getting any better.

Supply Chain? Aren’t you a managed service provider? You don’t sell things, right?

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Comparing the X1 Carbon, Nano, and Titanium Yoga

Choosing the Right Laptop for you.

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What does a Skycomp “Network Discovery” Look like?

When you first sign up with Skycomp as your Managed Service Provider, you might have some questions. So do we!

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A Computer chip picture with title Global Chip Shortage?

Why am I waiting months for technology?

The global chip shortage and how it effects new technology.

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April from Skycomp solutions Inc pictured with a Lenovo Logo with title what is lenovo vantage?

The Future of the Password – Lenovo Ultrabook and Vantage

Using Lenovo Vantage to your Advantage!

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Team Member Highlight - Tim Schleich

Tim is our System's Architect, he's behind the scenes to make sure you are able to work 24/7.

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Sebastian from Skycomp solutions pictured listening to headphones with title TS, TRS, TRRS, connections and how to tell the difference.

Understanding Audio

TS, TRS, and TRRS? What does this mean?

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USB head and Speech bubble head image with title

Breaking the ‘Tech Support’ Mold

The Disconnect Between Technical Minds and Non-Technical Minds – And how to solve it.

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Sebastian from Skycomp Solutions pictured pointing to a monitor with title Solving Technology and Getting to know Display settings

Learning Windows Display Settings – Multiple Monitors When Working from Home.

The basics of display settings in Windows 10 made easy!

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Signing Documents Digitally For Free!

How to get paperwork done even while working from home.

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What is a Network Cable and Why Do I Need IT?

You ever wonder what is going on with your network? How does the data and internet get to your computer?

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Skycomp’s Content Journey

Taking time to reflect on a year of video content.

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Print Nightmare Exploit Explained

So how could someone access your private company servers and data because of a printer?

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Sebastian from Skycomp beside a laptop and Lenovo docking station with Lenovo logo and title Solving technology - Lenovo Docking Stations

Lenovo Laptop Docking Stations

Which station makes sense for me – and why do I even need one?

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Sebastian from Skycomp Solutions pictured with a PC with title Common Ports on a Computer

Common Ports on a Computer

This one is for your friends, family, and grandma that need a little help with technology.

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Cyber Security and Working from Home

What can I do to make sure my work from home setup is cyber secure?

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What the Heck is Multifactor Authentication?

How do I make sure I am always one step ahead of hackers?

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Sebastian from Skycomp Solutions Pictured with a laptop with title Live Events Webinars and Meetings - Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Features - Explained

Is Microsoft Teams Bad? Why Does Everyone LOVE Zoom?

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Skycomp Solutions is The Official Technology Support for the 2022 Canada Games

Why our Team is beyond excited to be The Official Technology Support Partner for the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games!

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Bill – C10 What is it? And Why are People Concerned?

Net Neutrality is a good thing - Why would Canada want to change that?

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Taking Virtual Events from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’

Skycomp's kick-off live webinar event helping you learn the steps to setup your own virtual event!

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Skycomp’s Furry Friends

The Skycomp Team has some four-legged friends they keep us sane while we work. Want to look at adorable animal pictures?

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Custom Registration Setup For Microsoft Teams Live Events

Creating your own virtual events using Microsoft Teams Live Events Features

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Skycomp’s Guide to Successfully Join a Webinar or Virtual Event.

Just some simple tips and tricks you should know before joining a virtual event.

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Setup My 3CX

Maybe you just got a 3CX phone system? Maybe you just started a job at a company using 3CX? Here's how to use it:

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May the 1st Newsletter - Be With You

Our May Newsletter for your to enjoy as a blog! Meet Melissa our new service Manager!

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Top Three Best Laptops in 2021 According to Google

We googled 'Top Three Laptops in 2021" went to the Shopping section and found this:

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Want to get to know our team? Stay current on technology trends? Get sent FREE tutorials to help you solve technology?

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Top Five Reasons to Choose a Managed Service Provider over a Break fix or Internal IT Team.

Is your business growing? Thinking about starting up an IT department internally? We have some other options.

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Lockdown 3.0 - How are we adapting? Again?

These lockdowns are starting to feel like never-ending windows updates...

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The Top Ways to Make the Most of your Virtual Events

Looking for ideas to spruce up your virtual party? The Skycomp Team has a few pointers.

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The Story of Skycomp Solutions Inc.

If you know of Skycomp - You know Serge and the Team. But do you know how it all started?

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Why Skycomp?

With so many IT options out there... why go with Skycomp Solutions? We open doors and show you our values.

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The Basic Steps to Join or Attend Any Online Meeting Successfully

Every join a meeting and your audio won’t work? your video won’t connect? and everything falls apart?

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2021 Microsoft Exchange Server Exploit

Let Skycomp explain this exploit in a way that everyone can understand.

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A Lot More To IT - Podcast Spotify, Castbox, Google Podcasts

A Lot More To IT Podcast

Not a boring IT podcast. We speak to company culture, running and IT business, staying ahead in the technology world.

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What the heck is an MSP

What are Managed IT Services?

Skycomp Explains what Managed IT Services are and what it looks like in Niagara.

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International Women's Day - Skycomp Solutions Inc.

International Women’s Day - The Skycomp Team

Skycomp is a very Women-Led company. We are proud of that. Lets celebrate the amazing women in our office.

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Need a Free Video Editing Tool? Windows 10 Comes With One!

Creating videos at work using your cellphone? Need to share content with a co-worker but can't send the full file?

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Create an Internal Website for your Company with Office 365

Need to bring your team together? But can't be in the same room? Make a company internal site instead!

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Creating a Custom Voice Greeting In 3CX

Why not create a personal greeting for your phone system? Helps clients feel at ease and makes you sound professional!

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Skycomp’s Guide to the Best Lunch in Town

Do you work in St. Catharines Ontario Canada? Forgot your lunch? Maybe on purpose?

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What is the difference between a Live Event and a Teams Meeting?

What option would work best for a webinar vs. an online class?

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HOW TO: Setup A Microsoft Teams Live Event

So you want to engage a virtual audience of people in a new way? Tired of just doing a 'Zoom call' ? So are we...

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Create Tutorial Videos with Microsoft Stream

Capture your screen with your webcam with a voice over on top - send out engaging tutorials to your team.

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Microsoft Stream - Elevating Your Internal Company Content!

Bored of writing documentation for things your company has to learn? Instead record engaging videos on Microsoft Stream.

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Getting A Microsoft 365 License - Where do I start?

Go to Microsoft's Website! Look at the plans and pricing. Don't go to a third party site.

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The Lenovo M14 Portable Monitor Helping You Work From Home

Adding a second monitor has never been easier. One USB-C Cable is all you need!

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Lenovo Laptops: Choosing Between the E, T and L Series - What’s the Difference?

The truth is these laptops are almost all the same.. subtle differences we will help narrow down which is right for you.

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Submit a Ticket

Once your on board with Skycomp Solutions we have a three easy ways to submit a ticket to our Service Team!

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SSD or HDD What’s The Difference?

Solid State Drive or Hard Disk Drive? Which one do I need? Is one better then the other?

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Solving Technology - Episode 39 - 3CX Mobile Setup: The Skycomp Solutions Logo

3CX On Mobile Phones: Making Working From Home Easy

Want your office phone in the comfort of your own home? Download the 3CX Mobile app and have all the same capabilities.

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Working From Home - New Year, New You! - The Skycomp Logo Sebastian from Skycomp in a computer screen.

Lockdown 2.0 How are you adapting?

Adapt and adapt again. Making the most of your home setup and why it should be a priority.

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Three Ways to Improve Cyber Security without breaking the bank - graphic bag of money beside lock in shield with the Skycomp Solutions Logo

New Year New Plan? Three ways to Improve your Cyber Security without Breaking the Bank.

New Year New Me? Your Companies 'Cyber Security Resolutions' For 2021

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Don't follow in SolarWinds password footsteps- solar winds logo - and Skycomp Solutions logo

The Great Solarwinds Hack of 2020

A network management software firm breached. You would think they have strong passwords and security... Right?

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Solving Technology - Episode 39 Webex meetings and Outlook integration. Outlook Logo with arrow pointing to Webex Logo with Skycomp logo

Is Webex A Good Virtual Meeting Software?

Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Skype? So many options out there. Why should I choose Webex?

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What Can we learn from the recent fireeye cyber attack? Fire Logo and the Skycomp Solutions logo.

FireEye Cyber Attack - What can I Take Away from it?

One of the top cyber security firms in the world was hacked. What are you doing to protect your data?

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Skycomp IT Support Services with a Key

IT Support Services: The Key to Any Business’ Success

Skycomp provides IT Support Services in St Catharines & the Niagara Region. Outsourced IT for your business. Contact us:

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