February 5, 2021

What is the difference between a Live Event and a Teams Meeting?

What option would work best for a webinar vs. an online class?

Microsoft Teams has a few newer features that will help you if you are a teacher, or if you want to present ideas in the form of a webinar! You just have to know which option works best for your needs. In this article we will touch on the specs of each style of meeting in Microsoft Teams. So, you can gather a better understanding of which option to use for your work!

What do you need your attendees to be able to do?

Be able to chat with the meeting host and ask questions, raise hands, and join breakout rooms?

If this sounds like what you need – Start a Microsoft Teams MEETING. We have a tutorial video below showing you step by step on how to do that. As well as we have a way to learn how to be a great meeting host. Watch the two videos below. Trust us, you’ll be a team’s master in no time at all!

Be able to post questions, moderate the chat, and choose who is presenting?

If this sounds like what you need – schedule a Microsoft Live Event. Again, we have videos that will help you through this step by step. This video is located at the top of the page.

Now we understand you probably have more questions about what this looks like for an attendee. Microsoft Teams started out with only allowing a few people to join a meeting, and the quality wasn’t so good. Now things have been updated. Something called “Large Gallery” and “Together Mode” is an option! Allows you to have tons more people in a meeting! A maximum of 300 people total as of 2021.

But what is the difference between “Live” and “Meeting” aren’t they both live?

Yes, you are absolutely right. Both styles in teams are live. But the word live in this instance doesn’t mean what you think. When Microsoft Teams uses the title ‘Live Event’ to describe this feature is simply means that it is formatted this way to the viewer. As in if you’re attending this event, just like you would go to a basketball game, or watch something live on YouTube. You are watching this Teams event live. As in you have no way of participating other then typing in a chat or asking a question in a Q&A panel. Whereas a meeting you have more ability to interact. You can turn your camera on, unmute your microphone, and chat with the meeting host. Between the two types you do have some overlap. Skycomp suggests before going to host an event, make sure to test out the settings. Schedule a live event or meeting, get a co-worker to join you. This is always the best way to make sure something works for you and your team.

These are the major differences. But hopefully we have helped you figure out what type of Microsoft Teams meeting is right for you. 

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