July 27, 2023

What is Microsoft Loop and How To Use It

Bring team collaboration to a whole new level with this beta version of Loop.

What is Microsoft Loop?

In a nutshell, Microsoft Loop is a powerful platform that consolidates documents, tasks, and discussions all in one place. Picture it as your team's virtual workspace, enabling seamless collaboration and fostering an environment of heightened productivity. With Loop, you can bid farewell to scattered information and embrace a unified, efficient way of working.

Preview Mode and Activation

Currently, Microsoft Loop is available in preview mode, offering users the opportunity to explore its functionalities before the official launch. In order to get this application up and running, you will need to activate this feature at the administrative level, allowing your organization to experience the benefits of Loop firsthand. Once you have set your permissions you can simply head over to loop.microsoft.com to log in and embark on your collaborative journey.

A Beta Experience

Since Loop is in preview mode, it functions similarly to a beta version. While not all features are fully available at this stage, we are confident that even in this state, you'll witness the potential of this remarkable tool. Though you may notice only a limited selection of templates currently, we anticipate that Microsoft will continuously expand these options in the near future.

Introducing Copilot

Among the exciting features is Copilot, an AI-powered 365 tool that intelligently sources information from various parts of your platform. While this feature is currently accessible to a select test group, it serves as a glimpse into the future capabilities of Microsoft Loop, promising even greater levels of assistance and efficiency.

Features That Define Microsoft Loop

Let's dive into some of the impressive features that make Microsoft Loop stand out as a top choice for organizations seeking to boost collaboration and productivity.

1. Centralized Work Elements:

Loop's true strength lies in its ability to consolidate documents, tasks, and discussions into a single location. This fosters seamless communication, allowing team members to collaborate in real-time on the same document, regardless of their geographical locations.

2. Versatile Templates:

Microsoft Loop's templates are a game-changer. They empower you to create consistent structures for various projects, ensuring your team adheres to a unified framework, which is particularly beneficial for maintaining organization and efficiency.

3. Built-in Task Assignment:

Keeping track of tasks and assigning them to team members becomes effortless with Loop's built-in task assignment feature. This ensures everyone stays accountable, making it the go-to tool for project managers overseeing progress.

Microsoft Loop vs. Microsoft OneNote

While both Microsoft Loop and Microsoft OneNote possess unique strengths, Loop's focus on collaboration and project management sets it apart. OneNote remains a reliable note-taking app, ideal for personal use and simple organization. However, if your objective is to enhance teamwork, boost productivity, and centralize collaborative efforts, Microsoft Loop emerges as the clear choice.


We encourage you to embrace the transformative power of Microsoft Loop to streamline collaboration and elevate productivity within your organization. As a beta version, your feedback is valuable in shaping the future of this powerful tool.

So, seize the opportunity, explore Microsoft Loop, and experience the immense benefits it offers to foster efficient teamwork. If you have any questions or thoughts about this application, we'd love to hear from you, and together let's embark on this journey to transform the way we work and collaborate with Microsoft Loop.

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