January 19, 2021

The Lenovo M14 Portable Monitor Helping You Work From Home

Adding a second monitor has never been easier. One USB-C Cable is all you need!

Tired of working from home? We are too believe me... we are to. But you have to keep the community safe. So we are doing our part. That doesn't mean you have to work from home and be uncomfortable. Infact our leadership team gives us all the resources we could ever need. Making sure our work from home station is comfortable and allows us to be productive. We as a team are so thankful that our leadership at Skycomp understands the importance of keeping people happy at home means keeping people productive! Especially with a diverse team with some of us who have kids, some living alone, some moved back in with parents. Regardless of our situation at home, working is possible. Having a Job during this pandemic is a privilege in itself. But having a Team that is encouraging, watches out for mental health, and stays connected is truly amazing. Tough to find in any workplace that's for sure.

Anyways, the monitor. That's what all this is about anyway. The Lenovo M14 monitor is a portable, foldable monitor that is 14" a good sized screen. Has comes with a USB C cable and a nice carrying sleeve. It has two USB-C ports. One on either side to allow you to connect the monitor from either side of your laptop. It's a pretty versatile work from home setup. The cable is long enough that you'll be able to sit the monitor almost anywhere on your dining room table or wherever you have your 'office.' But apart from all these nice features it instantly connects to the USB-C port on your laptop E,T or L Series laptop. Now especially with the E-Series of laptops, you only have one USB-C port on the side.. and you use that for charging. Which with all the video calls your on - you keep plugged in. Never fear! Lenovo once again has thought of a solution.

The Monitor has Passthrough Charging:

Yes you read that right! You can plug in the monitor to the laptop in the charging/display USB-C Port. Then plug in your laptop charge to the other side of the M14 monitor. Then the plug in the wall socket! Presto! You're charging your laptop, have a second display, and working from home just got 10X easier. No more having to click through windows and close a million tabs of amazon shopping before you share your screen to your boss! 

This monitor also has a lot of other great tools built in. You can hit a blue light button on the side. This makes it so the harsh light doesn't hurt your eyes. Switches it to a warmer colour temperature. It also has a brightness control. Just all around great equipment to have around. We'll include the link to the website so you can shop for yourself. Click here: Lenovo M14 Monitor.


Now Skycomp's got your back like always we have another video that talks specifically about this monitor. You can watch it below and Serge talks about all the details you might need to know. Before you purchase anything you should always ask your Managed Service Provider. Or IT company whichever you are working with. Doing your own research to make sure it will work with your laptop is also a good idea. Double triple check before you hit that order now button.

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