August 31, 2021

The Future of the Password – Lenovo Ultrabook and Vantage

Using Lenovo Vantage to your Advantage!

So, passwords are old news now? Don’t take this article the wrong way, you will still probably have to have a password for most applications but getting into your computer may look different. Thank Lenovo for constantly upping the technology game.

In this article we will cover some features that Lenovo has brought to the technology table. If you want to see what these features can physically or digitally do instead of reading about it… you can watch the video above and let April, our Lenovo expert tell you all about IT! (No pun intended)

Human Presence Detection – What is that?

This is basically when your computer can tell that a specific user is sitting or standing Infront of the laptop screen. We’ve seen this technology with iPhone, but now it can be your way to unlock your laptop.

Wake up the computer when you are approaching it. With a face ID created, your computer can recognize your face and log in to the system automatically. You need to face the camera and be at most 4.6 feet from the computer. The function does not work when your computer is in hibernation mode or has been turned off.

Dim the display and lock the computer when you are leaving. The function does not work if you set the power options to never turn off the display.

This is just one feature Lenovo created. To set it up, you must go to the Lenovo Vantage App, hit Device, then smart assist. Switch on User Presence Sensing and customize your ‘Zero Touch Login’ and Lock settings. According to distance and timing. After you must restart your computer.

Something to note about these features, not all models of computers have this, if your computer has an infrared camera and is a newer model of X1 Carbon or Nano, chances are it comes with it!

Glance – (again for selected models)

Glance is a very cool feature, and makes it seem like your computer is always watching you, we assure you Lenovo or any organization is not collected ANY data from these devices, it is purely for your login and making life easier using your laptop.

The Glance feature captures your eye movement, head direction through the camera.

The full list of features that come with glance:

Presence detection: Your computer stays awake while you are looking at it, and locks when you walk away. (You can setup timing in Lenovo vantage menu)

Privacy Alert: When someone is looking over your shoulder at work, an alert appears and notifies you. Stops Greg from finance from getting the scoop on your next marketing campaign.

Privacy Guard: When you look away from your screen – your entire screen blurs. Rendering any information you had in the open unreadable.

Smart Display: Follows your eyes to whichever display you are looking at and blurs the display that you are NOT looking at.

Snap Window: When a window is selected on your screen and you’re facing a different screen that the window is not on, the window will find where your eyes are looking and snap over to the monitor.

Smart Pointer: Finds the cursor and temporarily makes it big so you can easily find it.

Posture Check: Reminds you to look at how your sitting, and make sure you’re not in a bad posture that will hurt your back or pull a muscle.

20/20/20 Alert: Gives you a notification to look away from the screen for 20 minutes and relax your eyes for 20 seconds.

Some people might think that these features go a little beyond what is needed. But as work from home becomes more imminent. Cyber security, health and technology will become more important. Our team likes to stay ahead of the technology curve. We learn about this stuff so you don’t have to.

We at Skycomp love these features, and any bonus of password protection is a big win in our book. Cyber security is always a threat. Anything you or your company can do to stay safe is a good thing!

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