July 5, 2020

Skycomp’s Quickstart Guide

Did your company just sign on with Skycomp Solutions Inc? This is your guide to technology support from our team!

So you just sat down at your desk? Notice anything different? 

Need help with your computer right now? You can head to bottom right hand corner and select the Skycomp Sheild Icon, explain your problem and send it in to our team. You can also call 905-228-0315 ANYTIME and get help with your computer. 

Don't worry - if this doesn't make sense quite yet! It will! Watch the video below - its only one minute long! 


  • Can I really submit a ticket anytime? Like 3AM when my computer crashes and my presentation for the next day isn't ready? 

Yes, anytime is great! We are ready 24/7 we have a technician on call ready to assist with problems. Just give us a call! 

  • I need to order a new computer - do you guys resell computers? Laptops?

Yes, we sell computers, laptops we are actually a partner with Lenovo. So we get good deals on almost all Lenovo products and can get you the best price. We can also get replacement parts and repair your computer in-house if a new system isn't in the budget this quarter.

  • What happens if my computer breaks down and I can't work for the day?

We have backup machines and loner laptops ready - we can temporarily transfer your work over to the backup computer and you can continue working for the day! But we proactively monitor systems, so the chances of your computer breaking down, before we catch it first, are pretty slim.


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