January 27, 2021

Getting A Microsoft 365 License - Where do I start?

Go to Microsoft's Website! Look at the plans and pricing. Don't go to a third party site.

When you first buy a computer, you might think it comes with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. It will come with a month-long free trial, but if you want these apps to remain on your system you have to purchase a box copy or a monthly subscription from the website. The standard cost for Microsoft Office 365 business is $16.00 CAD per month per user with an annual commitment. If this cost is any lower or you find it on a different site it is most likely not a legally obtained copy. If you are just looking for the big three apps - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint: The starting price is at $169.00 CAD Onetime payment.  If you are looking for the full package of apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Microsoft Access (PC only), and Microsoft Publisher (PC only). This is also including One Drive, Skype and Microsoft Editor. All of this for one user its $79.00 CAD per year. You can additionally get a family plan for six people total for $109.00 CAD per year.

Now Business and Home are different. Business includes different apps like Stream, SharePoint, Exchange, these apps are only included in the business plans. Make sure you know which license you are buying and what your needs are in your job. The business version Microsoft 365 has a lot of options to customize and work through permissions, create a customer SharePoint website. The possibilities really are endless. Microsoft Home and Student versions don't have these options, they are mainly just for word processing, creating presentations, and using Excel. 

So, you say you found a cheaper deal? Read an article like this? "8 Ways to Get Microsoft Office for cheaper or even free??"


Please don't buy a license from one of these sites. Unless Microsoft has chosen to give you a deal, or a connected Managed Service Provider has a discount. The license prices are going to be what they are in the first paragraph of this article. Microsoft decides the pricing, they are firm on what it will be. 

Below we have provided the links to go to the correct site and purchase a real license:

For Business: Microsoft 365 Business Plans

For Home: Microsoft 365 Home Plans

For Enterprise: Microsoft 365 Enterprise Plans

If you are going anywhere else for your Office 365 Products, they are most likely illegally obtained copies and you will eventually be audited, and they will be removed from your device. This is not like a WinRAR free trial; it will be taken off your system. 

So, we've given you the links now what?

Now you all you have to do is hit the buy now button punch in your credit card information and get to work! You have a three-step process when setting up your Microsoft Account and getting the apps onto your system. Microsoft takes you through the process, you can click the image below to setup your account.

Microsoft Office 365 Setup Steps

Once you've followed these steps with Microsoft, you'll be good to go! Make sure before you go buying a certain license for you or your team to do your research on which plan will be right for you. Below we have the home options - and not all of them you can again click the image to go to the website and view all the specifications:

Microsoft Office 365 Setup Steps

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