April 26, 2021

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From: News@Skycomp.ca

Subject: Skycomp's April Newsletter - We find out if Tim is a Lumberjack?

Team Member Highlight:

Meet someone from our team - We have an interesting and dynamic bunch of people, why not show them off a little?


Meet Tim - he's been with us for a while! (since the beginning) We love having him around the office! Tim Says: "As the pandemic has changed my views on office work, working in the actual office building is more of a change of location. Its a nice change. Skycomp has given us the opportunity to work from home and made sure that we were able to take care of family. Since the pandemic began I have worked from home primarily and putting on pants and getting out into the real world has been a welcome change."

Currently on my days off I am spending time with Family. We have been going to different parks in Niagara recently. A few weeks ago we went to Balls Falls and this weekend we went to Queenston Heights. The Pandemic and weather have prevented a number of activities so with the relaxed restrictions and the improved weather we are taking advantage of the local green spaces. Before the lock down I was involved with Ball Hockey playing against Marc (our project specialist) on occasion. I shocking also play video games. Yes I did bring the Axe to work for a photo shoot... No I am not a lumber jack...

A Helpful Tech Tip:  

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Serge's Message:

International Women's Day                   

Our Team is women-led. Meet the amazing team of women that keeps us organized and on top of things!

Read More: https://skycomp.ca/learn/article/international-womens-day-our-skycomp-team



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