March 24, 2021

Why Skycomp?

With so many IT options out there... why go with Skycomp Solutions? We open doors and show you our values.

Why Skycomp?

We’ve been thinking. This is a tough question to answer. It has many different perspectives. The first one being from a potential client. Why should I put my IT in the hands of Skycomp? In this article we will attempt to pick apart ourselves as a company. Give you the truth behind closed doors. We are making this sound like a conspiracy documentary on Netflix. We promise you, that is not the direction this is headed. The second way to look at that question is from an employee standpoint. Why work at Skycomp?

We want to show you how are team is, what our core beliefs are as a company, and what we do that might push us above the next IT company. We want to be clear that this is not an attempt to get you to sign on with Skycomp and start a Managed Service Contract with us. Although if that’s what your interested in… we can surely talk. (go to

Here we want to just say it like it is, and if you are a person that likes things un-sugar coated. Then keep on reading. We aren’t going to gossip, or take apart our servers, or tell you our deepest darkest secrets…

What’s Behind Door Number 1?

Let’s attempt to answer the first big question. Trying to put ourselves in the shoes of potential clients. What are you looking for in an IT company? What have you experienced with past IT partners that frustrated you? These are just a few questions that we’ve asked ourselves to figure out a path to keeping clients happy. Not only keeping them happy but maintaining a healthy relationship with them.

We’ve noticed in other IT and Managed Service Providers, that technical issues are solved with not much communication of what’s going on. For example: one day your computer breaks, you submit a ticket to IT, they fix it, and the next day all is well in the world. This type of service works for a lot of people. Nothing wrong with it. But what if you had a question about the problem? What if you wanted to avoid this problem next time? Did you receive answers about it? Do you want to solve the bigger problem of the computer being out of date and needing an upgrade? Did they tell you about this? Or did you have to do your own research and figure it out?

Marc from Skycomp Solutions Holding a switch
Marc - Skycomp's Project Specialist explaining what switches for a tutorial video.

So many questions. We’ve found that people like to know what’s going on, so we at Skycomp like to hop on the phone with a client, talk them through the issue, remote into the computer, walk them through visually and with a human voice what’s going on. We figure you’d rather know what’s going on while we fix it if you don’t want to know you can always let us know. But for the most part – most people want to know why a system is overheating.

We want to solve the larger issue at hand. Not just fix the problem and move on. Technology is supposed to improve work speeds – not slow you down. Why not solve the bigger problem?

Behind Door Number 2:

Door number one shows you how we work and think, and this is all because of our core values and beliefs as a company. We have a total of FIVE core values. We’ve taken the liberty of showing you them below:

Skycomp's Core Values Chart

We spent much time when Skycomp first started to grow deciding on what the core values of the company would be. As more employees joined us, we made sure that these five phrases were ingrained into them and how they approach working with clients, working with the team, and being at work.

Let’s break these down deeper:

There’s no ‘I’ in Skycomp:

We are a Team. Blame is not put on one person, (unless they really messed things up) we work together as a Team to solve problems, ask questions, use resources, stay late to help someone out, spend time after work ours putting on events, setting up client’s projects that go late. We work together to get things done.

The Skycomp Team cheering after completing a Lego structure
The Skycomp back office team cheering after completing a Lego structure.

No band aid solutions:

Not just putting a patch on something and hoping that it won’t break again. Going deeper, finding what the deeper issue is and solving the problem entirely.

Someone fixing the internal parts of a computer
Steve - An amazing tech from our team cracking open a computer to solve a deeper problem.

Do Right by our clients:

Using the example of sales – we won’t upsell you a laptop to make money. We want to sell you the right laptop that will be able to handle what your job requires.

Using the example of service – We let clients know ahead of time when a server is going to expire and need to be replaced. We are honest about the timeline and budget of that server.

Skycomp solutions logo on a phone
Serge Doing a Live Tutorial on setting up the 3CX app on your phone.

Fanatical Customer Service:

We are passionate about what we do. Devoted to our clients and team. When you call, we want to solve your issue, we go so far as to create video content about solving technology, tutorial videos for you and your team to learn from! Before you even have to ask!

Skycomp solutions logo on a phone
Sebastian filming a tutorial video in Skycomp's Office Studio.

Embrace your inner nerd:

At Skycomp we’re nerds. We love Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Lord, Marvel, DC, and any other nerdy thing you can think of. We like to play video games at lunch. We are HUGE technology nerds; we spend time even outside of work just looking up tech specs on things… it’s a problem.

Skycomp solutions logo on a phone
Re-creating The Office - "Outta Scranton" Rap with the Team. Recognize this scene?

That’s all of them. Our core values laid out. These core values are what shapes our everyday work habits, what makes us get things done, reach out and solve problems. Someone clever on twitter once said. “IT work is saying ‘huh that’s weird.’ over and over again until you die – change my mind.” We saw that and said to ourselves – why not make it more than that?

Behind Door Number 3:

So why would you like to work at Skycomp? Answering the question from a future applicant perspective: We have these core values as you’ve read through. We have a certain way that we act in the office, with clients, with team members. It’s not a personality type, nor are we ‘acting’ a part. We simply are the type of person who wants to do good work that makes a difference. You want to upgrade your skills and learn from people that are willing to teach and talk about past experiences. A place where you can make mistakes and learn from them.

Serge standing in Server Room
Serge explaining the data center in our Skycomp Office and how it works.

Along with other things like benefits and bonuses, technology provided, and the ability to grow into a role. Skycomp cares about you. We want to connect with you, develop a professional relationship and help you meet goals. This all sounds too good to be true, but you talk to any employee, you look at anyone who has started with Skycomp and left the team, they will attest to our constant effort to get you to your full potential.

So, if this sounds like something that fits your own personal core values, you might want to consider us as an option in your career. If you find yourself not fitting in here, that’s cool to, maybe we have a tutorial video that will teach you something new, or maybe our core values are what you want your company to be someday.

So Why Skycomp? Did we answer the question?

We hope that this article did two things for you…

  • Answer any burning questions about Skycomp that will maybe help tilt the scale towards choosing our team to manage your IT.
  • If you were thinking of Applying with us but need more detail on who you would be working with.

If you find yourself satisfied with these answers, that’s great, if you have more questions about our service, culture, way of doing things… don’t hesitate to reach out.

We also have a podcast in the works - make sure to follow us for new epsiodes every month! 

Thanks for sticking with us to the end!

The Skycomp Solutions Team

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