October 19, 2021

The Global Supply Chain and Why its not getting any better.

Supply Chain? Aren’t you a managed service provider? You don’t sell things, right?

Well, if you asked that question, you’d actually be wrong. Most managed service providers like Skycomp solutions do sell things. We just sell mainly to our Managed Clients. We like to give them deals on computers, servers, and any technology we can. Mostly Lenovo items, because Skycomp is a partner with Lenovo.

Skycomp sells different items and technology but not all MSP’s do. You might be hearing this word “MSP” a lot, and not understand what it is – head on over and read more about what an MSP is. Or watch the below video for all this to make sense. But we are here today to talk about supply chains.

A big thing that has happened across North America, is that the pandemics cases have gone down, allowing things to open again, and workers to head back to the office, factory, or wherever and start working again. Many organizations have been able to get workers back in at half capacity or with covid protocols in place.

But for some reason, “getting back to work” hasn’t helped the supply chain, and here’s why:

Now that everyone is back, everyone is demanding everything, in our industry it’s computer chips that are the shortage. We talk more about that here: read more… but the world in general has been trying to order everything on Amazon, and other online retailers. We order things from technology to kitchen tables and everything is on hold.

Another key problem that the world has been running into is the worker shortage. Nobody wants to work. Has the world lost all work ethic? Passion? That might be part of it. Most believe that people are discovering that they don’t have to go into the office to make money and make a living. They can work from home, and well if your job specifically doesn’t require you to be around, then you can stay in bed and still get a paycheck. Many people are quitting and looking for that type of opportunity, makes sense, right? Who wouldn’t want to stay home with the family, or work remotely while travelling across the country in a van?

The other main problem with the supply chain is the lack of key components and materials to produce the things the consumer is demanding.

The supply chain is bottle necking at major ports and stops, truck drivers are quitting, and everything with this pandemic has created the perfect storm for the global supply chain to continue to cause problems.

So, what can you do?

Well, maybe don’t add that item to cart just yet, shop at a local store? But, if we are talking technology end of things. Skycomp encourages anyone to order a new laptop NOW  if you know you will need one later. If you wait chances are this problem isn’t going to get better. So, you might not see a new laptop till 2022 or beyond. Make the call today, and if you are having trouble – speak to our inside sales specialist April, she will be able to find the right laptop for you, that will ship (maybe) at a decent time.

Another thing to remember when working with any business helping with online orders, make sure to be respectful and kind on the phone, its nobody’s fault but this global pandemic that online orders and shopping have screeched to a halt. No point in shouting at someone to hurry that order when it was some boat in the Suez Canal that started it all.

The Global Supply Chain Crisis: Our Source NBC News

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