May 17, 2021

Skycomp’s Furry Friends

The Skycomp Team has some four-legged friends they keep us sane while we work. Want to look at adorable animal pictures?

We are pet fanatics. We love animals of all shapes and sizes. But what we love more is posting them on Instagram and Facebook to show them off. Why not show off our pets a little? What important to us is that every pet has a good home, well the pandemic has certainly seen the adoption rates for animals go up. Sometimes that is not necessarily a good thing. But if you are a responsible pet owner Skycomp is on your side! Take care of your animals! Only adopt if you know you can take care of the animal and give it a safe and healthy home.

Let’s meet the dogs first:

Meet Bear (right) and Bella (on her back)

These two balls of energy are April our inside sales specialists’ dogs, with a big backyard to run around a play in, and a big family in the house, lots of belly rubs and attention all around. They also have a cat Buhda (not pictured) who refused to pose for a photo… Classic Cat move. But enjoy these two pups as they play together in the grass on a beautiful sunny day.

Next up is Bella – Marc’s our Project Specialists Dog:


Bella Dresses Up for Easter and then realizes she gets to meet the easter bunny... 


Marc lives on a bigger lot of property, and Bella loves to run around a chase rabbits, sometimes she even catches one or two. She also likes to bark and chase down cyclists that commonly ride past their house. This big goof is great with the kids and is super cuddly when the family winds down for the evening. Enjoy Bella (Yes, it’s the same name as April’s dog.) 

Marner the good boy – Jaime our HR Specialists Chocolate Lab:

Jaime and her partner just bought a house! Congrats and now Marner gets to enjoy a large backyard to run around in. This dog is living his best dog life. Is he named after Mitch Marner from the Leafs? You’ll have to ask Jaime about that one. 

Good ol’ Hank – Morgan our Office Managers 9-year-old bulldog:


If you didn’t know, Hank is famous on Instagram… with more followers then Skycomp Solutions. Good on Hank! As pictured Hank likes short walks and big sticks. 

Next up we have Fenna and Jyn –Their owner Chris is one of our Technician’s doggy duos:


Before we jump into Cat’s we must make an honorary mention of Peach Fuzz Aka Miss Fuzz, aka Fuzzball. Our Service Manager Melissa's 8-Month-old Leatherback Bearded Dragon.  

You might not think so, but Bearded Dragons are cuddly and like to snuggle. Miss Fuzz also enjoys lounging in the sun and eating crickets. 


You might not think so, but Bearded Dragons are cuddly. They do like to snuggle. Miss Fuzz also enjoys lounging in the sun and eating crickets.

Now to Cats!

Many cute cats to show off in this next part – Adam is one of our Technicians who has a cat – Meet Sundae, her favourite place to hangout is on the couch or the ‘sleep cave.’ 


This cat has kept Adam company while working from home. 

Next up is Tiger and Smoke. No this is not the name for the next big rock and roll hit. These belong to Mandi - our Service Admin. 


Tiger has claimed the new bed or sleep cave for himself… Smoke is a little shyer and missed out on the new bed… Guess Mandi’s going to have to pick up another one...  

Now for the return of Chris’s and his cat’s! He’s got some cute pictures of them hanging out. Yoda, Thomas, and then Beethoven of course: 


Yoda, a very IT technician stereotypical cat name. Then there’s Thomas and Beethoven, What a family of cats and dogs. Just buried in animals! For us at Skycomp, that is living the dream. 

So, we do have more employees that have pets. We will keep adding to this list as the pictures come in. But for now, enjoy our pets and if you have any at home, make sure to give them a belly rub and pat on the head for us. 

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