August 3, 2021

Skycomp’s Content Journey

Taking time to reflect on a year of video content.

Skycomp’s First Video:

So, the question a year ago was – how do we better serve our clients? We love talking on the phone, being present, and showing our skills to better workflows. The next question asked was:

Why not show other clients, friends, and connections a few pointers when it comes to technology?

Then the idea came to create a Blog, YouTube Channel, and post content every week!

So, we did, we created the Skycomp “Learn” Page, so you can find details about technology, learn new software and technical skills, learn about IT and our team.

The great thing about technology, is that it is challenging. Skycomp believes that with a little bit of practice, and watching our tutorial videos, you can also be an advanced user on any software.

You might be thinking that “I want to hire a Managed IT Service Provider like Skycomp, so I don’t have to worry about learning those things.”

And to that we say – that’s great, our contact info is on the next webpage...

But if you are a business with less then 10 employees, and need assistance with technology, you are growing and need pointers in the next steps to take in your business, then the learn page, and our video content might just be the right answer.

The best part? It’s all free, and its not one of those annoying adds you click on saying its free, and then it makes you sign up using your credit card. No, we are having none of that. Our content is a 100% free resource.

With over 150 Videos and just over 100 blog posts created, we are very happy with that number in one year. To celebrate our achievement, we will continue to offer free content for your reading and learning pleasure. 

So, what’s next for Skycomp’s Content?

Skycomp’s Most Recent Video:

More of it! Content creation takes time, and patience to get it right. With our team, we have the technical skills and now after 150 practice runs on camera, we are getting better at that… but we want to continue to roll out video tutorials and blog posts to help you in your daily technical lives.

We say all the time, technology is all around us, in everything we do now. You can either rock out to it, or struggle, we like the first option. So let us help you, watch a few tutorials, learn a new skill or 10, and reach out on social media or YouTube comments with questions.

The Skycomp team wishes you all the best in your technology learning and challenges, because believe us when we say – there will be challenges.

Instead of sitting in your office, or home office praying to the technology gods that it will start to work again, checkout the learn page, watch a video, who knows! You might solve your problem.

All the best,

The Skycomp Team.

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