May 7, 2021

Setup My 3CX

Maybe you just got a 3CX phone system? Maybe you just started a job at a company using 3CX? Here's how to use it:

A step-by-step guide to 3CX and how to use it. If you aren't a fan of reading instructions and would rather watch a tutorial video on it... Click the video above or watch it here:

Part 1: Setting up your Self-ID Message

What is a Self-ID message?

A self-ID message is JUST your name. This will be played back when a caller uses the “dial-by-name” function to locate you in the directory in order to confirm which extension they are calling in the event of a similar last name.

Let’s use John Smith and Dave Smithers as examples.
When a caller presses 7-6-4 for S-M-I, the system will then play pack both self-ID messages and the caller then chooses the correct one.

Do not add “Hi this is John Smith with ACME Inc.”
Just say “John Smith” and that’s it.

Setting your Self-ID and Voicemail Greeting for the new 3CX phone system

  • Pick up handset, dial 999.
  • Enter your existing extension number.
  • Enter your PIN, then press # - (PIN will have been provided to you in the 3CX Welcome Email)
  • Press 9 for options.
  • Press 5 for Self-ID Message
  • Press 0 to set a new “Self-ID Message”.
  • At the tone, only say your name then press #. Nothing else. (Failure to do this will prevent callers from finding you in the “Dial by Name” directory.)
  • Press 0 to save.
  • Press # once to go back one menu.
  • Press 8 for “Greeting Message”
  • Press 0 to record a new greeting.
  • At the tone, speak the greeting you want your customers to hear when leaving you a voicemail message. Press # when you are done.
  • Press 0 to save.
  • Press # once to exit.

Testing your voicemail greeting.

If you would like to test the greeting playback from this temporary phone, simply pick up the handset and dial your extension.
It will ring a few times and then the Greeting Message will play.
Feel free to leave yourself a test voicemail message if you’d like.

See our full 3CX Tutorial Series over in Part 2: The Ultimate Guide to 3CX

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