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December 22, 2020

FireEye Cyber Attack - What can I Take Away from it?

One of the top cyber security firms in the world was hacked. What are you doing to protect your data?

You may not be storing government secrets on your server. But your private information regardless of what your company does is important to protect. Once someone is into your system. The destruction and amount of confidential information they could steal is at a constant concern for your IT department or managed service provider. 

You've heard your IT department constantly talking about cyber security - we have at least 10 videos about it as well as a few blogs. We are guilty for it to. But that is for good reason. It's time to stop thinking about the phrase "cyber security" as something that your IT manage John keeps bothering you about... The only reason it is so important because if the top security firm in North America can get hacked. SO CAN YOU!

You’re probably telling yourself - this is just trying to scare me into purchasing better security systems for my company. No that is not the case. Skycomp is a managed service provider. We don't sell individual security systems to businesses. We sell one thing and that’s US managing your technology. So, you can count us out of the trying to sell you something. We are just giving a nice warning to those who might not think about cyber security being a significant risk. You might also think that "my firm is so small; nobody will try and hack into my accounts." No matter the size or scale of a company you are at risk. Cyber security is always at risk. You as a company must decide if it’s important to you to pursue the strategies to protect yourself against it.

We are going to put the information that we learned from FireEye cyber-attack into language that non-IT professionals can understand. The craziest part of all this was this cyber-attack was targeted directly at FireEye. Someone knew they had the ability to get past the crazy elevated level security measures and used it. Scary to think about.

FireEye had created tools called "Red Team Tools" These tools were used in high level government organizations to test security. The tools mimic what high level threats and bad actors can do in a system - then report back the data to FireEye. If you've heard of white hat hacking. Its like that, but within a security firm. 

This is just a friendly reminder from Skycomp that cyber security is important. When you least expect it to strike. That’s when it happens. Skycomp is proud that all our managed service clients are protected. We run scans of the dark web to make sure your passwords and emails aren't out in the world for hackers to see. We also do a lot of other security measures for our managed clients. You can look at what those are here: Read More oh and here: Read More

Again, we know you've heard your IT manager or MSP talk about it constantly. We aren't here to convince you to get a Managed Service Provider. We just want to keep spreading the word of how important cyber security for your business. With the right team and expertise, it isn't hard to implement a course of action. 

Start on your path to safer data. Reach out to Skycomp Solutions.

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