September 13, 2020

Comparing the Three Best Portable Monitors as rated by Google

Working from home has its challenges, but having a second monitor can help ease the transition.

Comparing the three best portable monitors as rated by Google…

Portable monitors come in all shapes and sizes. They are essential for travel work and makes life easier on a small laptop screen. Monitors used to be impossible to bring with you. Remember those big white boxes where you could see the interlacing lines roll down the screen? Those days are over, with monitor technology always finding a way to improve. Below are the three best monitors money can buy rated by google.

Monitors Listed with Retailer Price

In this article we go over each monitor and a few specs and pros showcasing each one. Now I know what you are thinking. I do not need a portable monitor. Technically all monitors from a few years ago are portable. You just need to unplug the HDMI from the back of your computer and take the monitor with you. If you are this type of monitor user then these three options might not be for you. These thin displays are for the constantly on-the-go type person. They are all light weight, have different types of connections to allow power and display to make it to the monitor. They have blue light settings to save your eyes, and they do not require an external power source other then the USB cable from your computer.

Let us start from the top of the list, shall we? This is the AOC 1659FWUX USB Monitor. I know, catchy name right? But what this monitor lacks in name it makes up for in size. It is a larger 15.6-inch monitor. To compare a regular monitor screen on an average laptop is 15 inches. This will sit beside your laptop and match up. You might even forget which screen your looking at. But that is not true either, because the AOC 1659FWUX has 16.7 Million Display colours! For the price and specs, this portable monitor it’s worth it. Connect with a standard USB port any laptop new and old can work with this system.

This next monitor jumps up in price. Why? Well its in the name… it is a touch screen monitor. Well, a ten-point touch screen monitor to be exact. That means you can use all ten fingers at once to change and press things on your screen. All they ask is that you stay away from bowls of Cheetos while working. This monitor is also great for digital media as it has a Micro HDMI port. You can connect your DSLR or camera for a larger scale and how that photo will turn out. The micro HDMI port does not allow you to control your camera’s settings within the touch screen. It simply just magnifies the image. Want to connect your smart phone? Well this monitor also includes USB-C connectivity. Its all around a great monitor for someone in a creative field, or event a social media manager. Being able to work from your phone at a larger scale makes life posting to social channels way easier on the eyes.

The final monitor for our review is the ThinkVision M14 Portable Monitor by Lenovo. This monitor is truly smaller at a 14-inch screen size. But what they lack in screen size they make up for in ergonomics. They have two USB-C ports one on each side of the monitor. This means that you can place it on either side and never damage, bend, or twist the cable causing you to order an extra-long cable from Amazon. It’s truly genius design thinks solely about the user experience. That makes it a top monitor in googles opinion. Its also a little smaller than the others. It fits perfectly in the side pouch of most laptop bags. This makes it easy to forget its even in coming with you to work. If you are travelling in planes and trains where storage is tight, consider this portable monitor option.

In this article we touched on the basic details and pros of each monitor. If you are looking to purchase one of these options use the links above to go direct to the company site to get more information and to research even more if this monitor is right for you. Always when buying technology, it is smart to make sure that everything is compatible with what you already own. Take a few moments check reviews, and look and videos like the one below going over the individual specs and features of the monitor you are interested in.

Make sure to watch the video at the top of the page. We go over the details of the Lenovo Thinkvision M14 Monitor. If you want one of these specific monitor and are a client of Skycomp.. we can definatley get you one or two. If not just go to your closest Lenovo reseller and find out more information.

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