December 10, 2020

An Introduction to Our Cloud Managed IT Services

We provide Cloud Managed IT Services in the Niagara Region. Secure and dependable cloud backup services.

Modern business solutions like cloud migrations have a lot to prove; they need to be agile, scalable, and as secure as possible. Your business itself deserves this and more, and Skycomp is ready to deliver with our own take on cloud managed IT services  –one that puts your needs and concerns first with no compromises. 

Secure, dependable data backups to protect your assets and team

Disaster recovery depends on having access to critical data when you need it most, but the cloud solution in question must be protected against unwanted espionage and cyber threats. Skycomp’s team of experienced managed IT technicians knows what the risks are, how best to avoid them, and what approach is the most sensible for your operation. With our cloud backup services, there’s no need to stress over who can access what; permissions can be actively handled, tweaked and monitored on the fly, and only with your go-ahead. 

A solution that grows with your business

When one thinks of a digital transformation, they think of a means to implement technology that can keep up with ever-changing business needs. That’s not always the case, but at Skycomp, we know this is important to businesses of today and tomorrow. That need for scalability and flexibility is why we’re happy to personalize our cloud managed IT services to ensure no question goes unanswered, no need unfulfilled. Whether you need to retool an integration for compliance reasons or to support a newly standardized application critical to your growth, we make it happen if it makes sense for your company. 

Discover powerful tools for powerful performance

Having a stable, effective and worthwhile cloud solution in place requires a dedication on our part to keep your team in good order. Skycomp rises to meet this challenge by continually updating and refining our suite of diagnostic and network monitoring tools, making it easier to spot issues before they become problems such as via our nightly offline server alerts. Whether you need to validate a backup or educate your team on best cloud practices, we’re here for you. Speaking of which, our technicians offer 24/7 support services as well, so you’re never left in the dark.

Reach out to the Skycomp team today for peace of mind via our professional, dependable full-stack cloud managed IT services. Let’s set a new standard together!

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