March 10, 2021

A Lot More To IT Podcast

Not a boring IT podcast. We speak to company culture, running and IT business, staying ahead in the technology world.

Welcome to IT!

Get it? Welcome to "IT" as in Information Tech? Anyways... Skycomp is a technology support provider and a Managed Service Provider at its core. We stay 'hip' to the trends in technology. We are working bringing our online presence to that standard. On first big step on our journey is releasing a podcast. This isn't your standard podcast about boring IT stuff. (not that all IT content is boring, we just wanted to produce something different.)

In our podcast we focus on what goes on within the IT company. Talk about how we work as a team, our experiences, our company culture. Because trust us when we say - it's a little different. So, we'd love it if you could give us a listen - maybe share with others who work in an IT office. Enjoy our first episode: Kara, Morgan, April, and Jaime talk about the back-office team, how they came to Skycomp and much more! Get to know us! Find us on wherever you listen to podcasts! (Click the icons below to go to us on your fave streaming service)

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What will I be listening to?

Now you’re probably wondering what this podcast is about. What do we talk about on each month’s recording? Well, our first episode didn't have too much structure. We mainly just wanted to introduce the team and give you a little insight on to what's happening. But for future episodes we will be focusing on bringing on different "guests" from our team. Skycomp is a smaller company with about 20 employees. Each of them has a specific role to play in making an IT company work. We want to take a deep dive into our team and how things happen, how we got into this type of work. We also want to give away some secrets to a great company culture, what has worked, maybe what doesn't work. 

Along with all that helpful info we talk about the fun our team has around the office, might give you some ideas for your company. You might even get a few laughs from it, cheer you up on your way into the office. Take an inside perspective of how and IT company works, thinks, and keeps a team together. 

Every month we release a new episode - sometimes our team likes to talk... ALOT... so it might be in two parts! Whatever happens just know we are looking to help others discover what can happen when you find a team of people that fit. 

Thanks for listening! - The Skycomp Team.

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