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Solving Technology - Episode 39 Webex meetings and Outlook integration. Outlook Logo with arrow pointing to Webex Logo with Skycomp logo

Is Webex A Good Virtual Meeting Software?

Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Skype? So many options out there. Why should I choose Webex?

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Solving Technology Episode 28 - The ultimate virtual meeting setup - Skycomp Logo - DSLR Graphic - Microphone - Microsoft Teams Logo

The Ultimate Virtual Meeting Setup

The Pandemic has made working from home the new way of life. Why not look like a pro on your virtual meetings?

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Why Choose Skycomp Solutions?

With many different managed service providers around. We understand why you would ask this question. Our complete story:

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HOW TO: Solve Technology Season One

When Skycomp says "Solving Technology" That means we want to guide you to be self reliant in this new virtual world.

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What is the Snipping Tool and How do I Use It?

You need to get an Image on your laptop over to a client quickly. But the file is too big to attach. What do you do?

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Skycomp Solving Technology YouTube Thumbnail. Episode 26 with a Teams Logo - How to Edit a Teams Recording on Windows Free!

Why Is Video Software So Expensive? Any Good Free Options Out There?

Windows has FREE Video Editing Tools - You can edit short video clips and export them to share with co-workers.

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A Microsoft Teams Logo with a Skycomp Logo, Episode 19 Solving Technology on a Blue and White background with Computer Graphics around words.

Want to Become a Microsoft Teams Master?

Want to master the art of using Microsoft Teams, helping you and your company succeed? Check out these features:

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A YouTube Thumbnail with Microsoft Teams Logo and Skycomp logo on a Blue and White background.

Setting Up a Meeting with Microsoft Team

Setting up an online meeting is not as simple as it may seem. Here some basic steps to set up a Microsoft Team Meeting:

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A YouTube Thumbnail with the Excel and Skycomp Logo Reading: Episode 16 Locking and protecting Excel sheets.

Have I Been Using Excel Correctly?

Excel has many hidden features and shortcuts that most people have never used or even heard of. Let's dig in & explore:

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