February 12, 2021

Skycomp’s Guide to the Best Lunch in Town

Do you work in St. Catharines Ontario Canada? Forgot your lunch? Maybe on purpose?

Our Skycomp team has been mainly working from home, but in order to keep our favourite lunch spots alive during lockdown we created this guide to the best lunch spots in town! (In no particular order)

We we'll keep it up to date and add new spots as we find them. But right now on King Street in @cityofstcatharines these are the places to be. Support local! We are happy to say that these places offer online ordering! Enjoy @downtownstcatharines from the safety of home!

NO. 1 - Shawarma House

Our CIO John's fave spot. Large portions and just all around good flavours. Can't go wrong. For when you need a little comfort food at work.


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NO. 2 - The Hub Cafe

These folks make some mean sandwiches. Our team loves them. And they are right downstairs in our building! No need to brave the cold to get a quick bite between service tickets. Thanks for keeping us fed! The constantly update social media with new menu items, so we always know when the good stuff is coming!

NO. 3 - East Izakaya

Now who doesn't like sushi! Alexis one of our dispatch team is a fan. We love sushi at Skycomp, it's just a short walk down the road, we call ahead and enjoy fresh sushi from the comfort of our office chairs. When the pandemic wasn't a thing, we also enjoyed going after work when we were stuck working late. A nice reward for working hard.


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NO. 4 - The Green Apple ‑ St. Catharines

Sandwiches, Treats, Cookies and Cakes! This spot has it all! Did we say coffee? That's what keeps Skycomp alive! Coffee is so important. It's like 4 of the 5 main food groups... For us at Skycomp anyways..

Thanks for keeping us caffeinated and saving a cookie or two for us...

NO. 5 - Score Pizza STC

Our HR department Jaime got the Balsamic Chicken sandwich... And it was awesome of course! These guys just opened up ‑ show them some love. Oh ya and who doesn't love pizza!!!

NO. 6 - Fiesta Empanada

This is family owned and operated! Don't know what empanadas are? Think of a baked pastry with a meat filling of your choice. Homemade cooking at its best. Don't miss out on this place! It being just steps away from our office you know we are there a lot...


This spots will not leave you hungry. Who knows you might run into a memeber of the Skycomp team at one of these places - we'll be masked up and picking up an order. Please support local, wear a mask and enjoy good food. 

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