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Why Skycomp?

We're Not Just Your IT Company, We're Your Partner   WHY? We are passionate about fanatical customer service and we are dedicated to your success. IT support is our absolute priority. We believe technology should be a tool, not a barrier to the profitability of your business. Our goal is to work together to build a stronger and more profitable community.     HOW? We have established…

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Our Services

As your outsourced IT company, we stand by our clients and provide them with a vast variety of products and services. From website hosting to full managed services, we have it all! At Skycomp Solutions, we're not just your IT company, we're your partner. Check out a full listing of our services to see how we can help you and your company grow.

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The Cloud: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of It

BLOG WRITTEN BY BRAD HALLIDAY. The Cloud - It’s not what is in the sky and about to ruin your weekend, it’s actually the term of choice in the technology world as every year it seems to be…

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That Bothers Tim

BLOG WRITTEN BY TIM SCHLEICH. A blog of things that make my brain hurt... After putting much thought into the possibility of consistently writing for a blog and understanding it was part of my…

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Backups. Keeping Your Data Safe

BLOG WRITTEN BY ERIC BRAUN. Are you still using a traditional tape backup system? While tape backups were once the standard in most business backup systems, we now have far greater backup…

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